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    Get to know yourself a tab bit more with this fun and joyful gift! A fun Planner, interesting Puzzles, Riddles, Laugh a little page, Fun Facts, Light hearted Positivity and lots more, that will put a smile on your face, I promise ☺️

    A Note from florance

    Dear Teen,

    Hope I haven’t bored you too much with this book! This was a humble attempt to create a book to discuss the handful of things I felt missing from regular academia.

    Teenage is confusing. There is a lot of pressure from all sides - from your parents and teachers for you to study well, from your peers to do things you don’t really want to, from society and social media to confuse and contradict your thoughts even more! You're in transition between being a kid and an adult. The world around you urges you to grow up and mature, but the moment you do… it tells you that you are still a kid!

    Your body is a mess of hormones. One moment you are super happy and the other you become a grinch! You experience many things, learn a lot, you try and fail and then succeed, you party, enjoy, explore, regret, grumble, glee and lot more! Teenage is fresh, joyful, confusing, depressing and exciting - all in the same ride.

    I send you good vibes wherever in the world you are. I want you to know you are stronger than you know, You are unique, You are loved and You are enough! Embrace Yourself! Embrace and fall in love with this unique chapter in your life! When you look back, this will be some of the best and eventful days of your life!

    I hope the ideas and thoughts shared in this book have been fun, helpful, and insightful. If at least a handful of ideas have been of assistance to you or your loved ones, I’ll feel fulfilled in this mission! I hope one day my kids will read this book too. God knows how that will turn out!

    Wishing you awesome days ahead!